Music nightlife

Les Folies Pigalle

The racy Folie's Pigalle's programme has everything from dancehall and hip hop to techno and electro, go-go dancers, striptease shows and Paris's only transsexual show on Sunday evenings.

Address & Contact:
11 Place Pigalle
75009 Paris
+33 1 48 78 41 77
Metro: Pigalle 

Opening hours:
Monday - Thursday 12am to 6am 
Friday - Saturday 12am to 12pm 
Sunday 6pm to 12am 

Bus Palladium

This legendary rock venue, graced by the likes of Mick Jagger and The Beatles in its heyday, is back on the map after a 20-year spell out of the limelight with a vintage house vibe somewhere between retro rockabilly and punk psychedelia. While the new generation gets wild in the pit, former regulars are trying to catch their breath at the restaurant upstairs (8pm-5am Tue-Sat). Club nights on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays are a guaranteed riot, and diners get in for free. 

Address & Contact:
6 rue Fontaine
75009 Paris
+33 1 45 26 80 35 

Opening hours:
From Midnight to 6am

La Machine du Moulin Rouge

Le Central
The main room welcomes an extended range of concerts and club nights. Due to its capacity, from 800 to 1000 people, this room is considered as one of the major dancefloors in town. 

La Chaufferie
This micro-club located in the basement can contain 400 dancers. Its warm and cosy atmosphere is particularly appreciated by anyone who wants to party in a human-sized room. 

Opening hours - Le Central / La Chaufferie:
Friday & Saturday: 11pm to 6am

Le Bar à Bulles
Located in the upstairs room, Le Bar à Bulles has just entirely renovated. After several months of work, we have finally created a real place to live in. With its brand new layout, its windows and its green terrace, Le Bar à Bulles welcomes you for free events (exhibitions, meetings, private viewing, etc.), lunches, drinks with tapas and brunches every Saturday and Sunday. 

Opening hours - Le Bar à bulles: 
Wednesday - 12pm to 12am
Thursday - 12pm to 1am
Friday & Saturday - 12pm to 2am
Sunday - 12pm to 7pm 

Location & contact details: 
90 Bd de Clichy, 75018 Paris
01 53 41 88 89 
Metro: Blanche / Pigalle / Place Clichy

Le Carmen

The cocktail menu is brilliantly creative, if not cheap, but you don’t come here to slum it. Just look around the bar: models, hipsters and VIP party-goers all air-kissing each other. Still, even if you’re not a fully paid-up member of Paris’s elite nightlife you won’t have as much trouble getting in as at many other select clubs, as the door policy is more relaxed.

Location & Contact details:
34 rue Deperré
75009 Paris
01 45 26 50 00 

Chez Moune

Unlike the majority of Parisian nightclubs, Chez Moune offers free entry, so there’s always a big queue outside. The music here is eclectic and trendy with an emphasis on electro-rock: do not miss the underground label nights from the likes of Katapult and Meant Records and after-shows from groups like CocoRosie, LCD Soundsystem and Anoraak. In this basement hangout there’s a great atmosphere all the way through until the morning after and the clientele is mainly 20-something hipsters. 

54 rue Jean Baptiste Pigalle
75009 Paris
Metro: Pigalle

Opening hours: 
Wednesday - Saturday 11pm to 5am 
Sunday 5pm to 3am 

Maria Magdalena

The Maria Magdalena is both a cocktail bar and a restaurant with a somewhat mystical atmosphere. 

Behind the black and golden façade, this place is full of many religious symbols, all interpreted in offbeat and innovative ways. The bar looks like a catholic church’s altar and the motto reads: “Here we don’t drink, we get close to angels”. Its walls are covered with paper butterflies and the ceiling with opened or closed books. The menu offers many cocktails with religous-themed names (“The Garden of Eden”) and exquisite flavours, to be enjoyed with tapas, as starters or main courses, like the snack gambas and vegetable couscous with dates and hazelnut sauce.

Address & Contact: 
41 Rue de la Rochefoucauld
75009 Paris
+33 6 74 02 39 89

Opening hours: 
Tuesday to Saturday 8pm till 2am

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