Charlotte de la Grandière

Rue Herold, soft by design

Guests don’t just discover Le Pigalle. They live it. Breath it. Touch it. Lightyears from traditional hoteliers, the team at Le Pigalle has created more than a place - they’ve invented a philosophy. Thanks to them, stylist Charlotte de la Grandière, the founder of Rue Herold, a furniture fabric store, has joined the big Le Pigalle family. 

“I approached my work here as if I was in a house that had known every period and every facet of the neighborhood. Red velvet curtains, huge linen cushions, bottle green plaid. I did the opposite of a traditional pressed-and-pleated hotel where comfort comes second to a clean-cut aesthetic. I chose soft, practical cushions that people like to have at home, in washed velvet. It’s a finish that really matches the spirit of the place,” explains the bubbly stylist, who knows everything there is to know about colors and textures.

Rue Hérold - Charlotte de la Grandière 
8 Rue Hérold, 75001 Paris